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From Jet Pilot to Shop Owner (and Mom!)

Clear Above Visibility Unlimited (CAVU). It’s an aviation term that describes clear skies with unlimited visibility, even if it's above a layer of clouds. Nothing compares to the feeling that comes from launching off the aircraft carrier on a gray and cloudy day, only to burst through the clouds into warm sunshine and soar atop a cottony blanket of pure white. I was lucky to experience this in my former life as a US Navy pilot.  Those were my personal “roaring twenties,” and I wouldn't trade them for anything. 

Except for my family!  Now I’m onto an entirely new (but equally challenging, and even more rewarding) adventure in life: Motherhood. I've traded in my jet for a Highlander and my flight gear for an "Ergo-baby." I am loving every minute of it!

I was blessed in life to have a patient and loving grandmother who taught me how to sew as a little girl. I am also very fortunate to have a mother and a sister who are amazingly artistic and incredibly supportive. Both continually provide unwavering encouragement and inspiration along my path of creative endeavors.

I truly enjoy designing and hand-crafting the items I sell here. Most importantly, indulging in this passion while working from home allows me to cherish more time with my sweet boys and new little girl. Each item is designed and handmade individually and completely by me, in my smoke-free and joyful home.

All of my creations originate from projects I initially made for myself, my own children, or for friends and family and their little ones. I am a perfectionist at heart, and I won't sell anything in my shop that I wouldn't be proud to either have in my own home, or give as a gift to a close friend. I take pride in putting a lot of time and energy into designing and creating items of quality workmanship and charm.

Have an amazing day and thank you for shopping at CAVU Creations!  

- Helen
Owner / Dreamer / Designer / Sewist
CAVU Creations + CAVU too Designs